on April 08, 2020

Hey ladies! Hope you are all keeping well so far - it still looks like we will all be staying at home for the next few weeks to stop the spread of COVID-19 🏡

While l’m still trying to stay in some kind of routine in the mornings, as in getting up and getting dressed in “proper clothes” to keep myself from going insane, theres no denying the mood-boosting factor of comfort helps me keep going. I’m living most days in anything thats resembles my actual Pyjamas! Might as well! 💁‍♀️

Usually you’ll find me in a cotton tee & our one size jeans - probably with my legs hanging out of the fridge at this stage! But honestly I couldn’t live with out my one size jeans, the only problem is with all the give and stretch its hard to tell when your piling on the pounds! They come in all shades of denim and are high waisted which is an added bonus!👖

From cotton tees to staple sweaters which will last you way beyond lockdown we have a great selection online 🛍  

If you’re worrying about spending money on “non-essentials” then don't! Many of our comfier clothes come with the good news that they won’t break your bank! 👛

For those days were I can leave the house, hello Tesco’s! I’m loving a super comfy day dresses!  Perfect for getting ready and not having to match up an outfit! With the added bonus that they are light and breezy! 👗Brilliant for running after my toddler!🏃‍♀️

I have complied a few outfits that I think you will love 💕 And that I wear all the time 🛍

I hope you all continue to make yourself feel beautiful each day and I cannot wait to see each and every one of you when we open up again! Stay safe for now xx
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by Jean sakar on April 17, 2020

Hi you had a few dresses on fb i was interested in the red black bardot type dress can you tell me what sizes this comes in .

Thank you
Jean sakar